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Legality of Cannabis by Country

Legality of Cannabis by Country
AlbaniaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalThe law of prohibition exists but however with high availability of cannabis plants throughout the country, this law is often unenforced.
AlgeriaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalPossession is illegal
ArgentinaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalDecriminalized for personal use in small amounts and for consumption in private locations, the Supreme Court ruled.
AustraliaDecriminalised for personal use in the Northern Territory, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory.IllegalIllegalLegal for medicinal and scientific purposes.Decriminalised for personal use in small amounts in the Australian Capital Territory, South Australia and the Northern Territory. It is a criminal offence in New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.
AustriaPossession of up to 5 grams decriminalized as of January 2016.IllegalIllegalIllegalPossession and purchase of up to 5 grams for personal use is decriminalized and offenders will not be punished, given that they cooperate with the health authority and undergo a therapy. Cultivation, sale and transport of small quantities (< 200 g) are punishable by up to 1 year imprisonment.
BangladeshIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalConsumption of both opium and cannabis are illegal in Bangladesh. However, there are no sufficient local laws to control the consumption.
BelgiumIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalSince 2003, adults over the age of 18 had been allowed to possess up to 3 grams.
BelizeIllegal, but mostly toleratedIllegalIllegalIllegalCannabis use in Belize is common and largely tolerated; however, possession can result in fines or imprisonment. In 2012, the Government of Belize announced that it was considering decriminalizing possession of 10 grams or less.
Bosnia and HerzegovinaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegal
BoliviaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalBolivia has recently passed laws regarding set personal limit use, but has not completely legalized it.
BotswanaIllegal, but mostly unenforcedIllegalIllegalIllegalCannabis is illegal, but the respective laws are often unenforced.
BrazilIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalThe possession of illegal drugs like cannabis entails a warning, community service and education on the effects of drug use. The same measures apply to the planting and/or preparation of small amounts of any illegal drug.
BulgariaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalCannabis is classified as a class A drug, together with Heroin, Cocaine, Amphetamines and MDMA . Until 2004, a loosely defined "personal dose" existed. Since 2006, after the last amendment of the Penal Code, the penalty for possession is 1 to 6 years in prison and a fine between 1,000 and 5,000 euros.
Burkina FasoIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegal
BurundiIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalWhile technically illegal, the use of cannabis is widespread among the Khmer people and foreigners visiting the country. Marijuana can easily be purchased and smoked in public areas without the threat of arrest. Many "Happy" restaurants located in Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and Sihanoukville publicly offer food cooked with marijuana, or as a side garnish.
CameroonIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalLegal with government issued licence for medical or industrial purposes. On April 20, 2016, Health Minister Jane Philpott announced that new legislation would be introduced in spring 2017 to legalize and regulate marijuana.
ChadIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalIn 2005, Law 20.000 formally decriminalised private and personal cannabis use.
People's Republic of ChinaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalcannabis has been legalized for possession of small amounts up to 22 grams for personal consumption.
ColombiaLegal for up to 22 grams for personal use.Legal for medical and scientific use onlyLegal for medical and scientific use onlyLegal up to 20 plants for personal consumption.Cannabis was legal during the Comorian historical period between January 1975 and May 1978, when president Ali Soilih legalized cannabis consumption among other measures.
ComorosIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalSome interpret the law to say cannabis is illegal, but there is a high tolerance of smoking marijuana throughout the country.A decriminalization system is de facto implemented, since police officers do not detain people carrying enough for only personal consumption, yet no amount has been defined as a minimum for possession. The usage of cannabis in Costa Rica is very high.
Costa RicaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalFrom 2013, there is distinction in the Croatian penal code between various illegal substances, they are now separated on heavy drugs and light drugs like Marijuana.
CroatiaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalClass B substance – life imprisonment is possible for use and maximum 8 years for possession In practice, an offender is taken to a local police station by drug enforcement where a statement, fingerprints and/or a confession are taken.
Czech RepublicIllegalSale of medical cannabis legal, otherwise sale illegalIllegalIllegalAs with all drugs, cannabis-related offences are punishable by a fine or imprisonment for up to 2 years. Freetown Christiania, a self-declared autonomous region, is known for its cannabis trade.
DjiboutiIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalClass B drug to cultivate, sell or possess
DominicaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalAs defined by Law 108, possession of small amounts of cannabis is decriminalized. Possession of under 10 grams is considered personal use and it is not punished.
EcuadorIllegal up to 10 gramsIllegalIllegalIllegalAlthough technically illegal, use is widespread and part of every day culture. Convictions for personal use are very rare.Formerly a plant of high status with several documented medicinal uses in ancient times, cannabis was made illegal in 1925 with the League of Nations’ Geneva International Convention on Narcotic Control, and has been aggressively targeted at various points since then.
El SalvadorIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegal
EritreaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalUp to 7.5 grams is considered an amount for personal use, and is punished with a fine. Large amounts and distribution are criminal offences and punishable with a custodial sentence of up to 5 years.
EstoniaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalDespite being the spiritual homeland of the Rastafari movement, possession of cannabis can result in up to 6 months imprisonment.
EthiopiaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalSince 2001 police in Finland only issues fines for personal possession and holding Cannabis for self use is decriminalized. Cultivation and distribution are criminalized.
FranceIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalThe possession of cannabis is illegal, while consumption itself is legal on the basis of it being considered self-harm, which is not considered a crime. The possession of small amounts is prosecuted, but charges are virtually always dropped.
GermanyIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalPossession or use of even small amounts is illegal in Greece, but if found to be for personal use it's decriminalized in court. Individuals are arrested, although rarely convicted by court. Possession of large quantities may lead to several years in prison.
GuatemalaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalThe possession, sale, transportation and cultivation of cannabis is illegal in Honduras.
GuyanaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalThe possession, sale, transportation, cultivation of cannabis is illegal under the Dangerous Drug Ordinance.
HaitiIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalThere is no distinction in Hungarian law between illicit drugs according to dangers. Heroin use has the same legal consequences as cannabis use. Hungarian law prohibits the distribution, and any use. However the Penal code distinguishes the punishment between sale and personal use.
HondurasIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalConsumption is illegal even in small amounts. Possession, sale, transportation and cultivation could result in jail time. Possession is not strictly enforced. Heavy fines are given.
Hong KongIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalMinimum sentence of four years in prison if caught in possession.
HungaryIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalGovernment-owned shops in holy cities like Varanasi and few other north Indian states sell cannabis in the form of bhang. Despite the high prevalent usage, cannabis remains illegal, but is rarely enforced and treated as low priority across India.
IcelandIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalPolice won't deal with possession if less than 15 grams. If caught with more you'll get a fine of 10,000 Iranian Rials for every gram.
IndiaIllegal, but legal and/or tolerated in several statesIllegal, but legal and/or tolerated in several statesIllegal, but legal and/or tolerated in several statesIllegal, but legal and/or tolerated in several statesA bill was presented to the Irish government by TD Luke 'Ming' Flanagan aka 'The Ming Meister' to legalize Cannabis in the country. However the Cannabis Regulation Bill 2013 was defeated by a margin of 111–8 in Dáil Éireann on 6 November.
IranIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalWith it being illegal, there have been attempts of legalizing recreative use of marijuana and decriminalization of up to 5 grams for adults 21 years of age.
IraqIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalPossession of small amounts for personal use is a misdemeanor subject to fines and the suspension of documents.
IrelandIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalThe Jamaican House of Representatives passed a law decriminalizing possession of up to 2 ounces of cannabis. The new law includes provisions legalizing the cultivation for personal use of up to 5 plants, as well as setting up regulations for the cultivation and distribution of cannabis for medical, religious purposes and natural growth.
IsraelIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalUse and possession are punishable by up to 5 years imprisonment and a fine. Cultivation, sale, and transport are punishable by up to 7 or 10 years imprisonment and a fine.
JapanIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalNew York Economist Mwangi Mungai proposed a bill to be reviewed in parliament. Medical Marijuana and minimal possession of Marijuana was petitioned to be decriminalized.
KenyaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalA mandatory death penalty is applied for certain cases.
KuwaitIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalCannabis is illegal in Latvia. Possession of larger quantities can be punished with up to 15 years in prison. Possession of quantities up to 1 gram are fined up to 280 euro.
KyrgyzstanIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalPossession is illegal. However, large amounts are grown within the country and personal use, as long as not in public is not a major issue.
LebanonIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalAs with all drugs, is a misdemeanour to possess a small quantity and is punished by fine up to 6250 litas (2.100$), an arrest of 10–45 days, or restriction of freedom up to 2 years.
LiberiaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalPossession, transportation and consumption are illegal. Prosecution depends on the amount of cannabis one possesses.
LithuaniaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalIf one possesses a larger amount, a jail sentence of anywhere from three months to five years may be given.
MacauIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalMalaysian legislation provides for a mandatory death penalty for convicted drug traffickers. Individuals arrested in possession of 15 grams of heroin or 200 grams of marijuana are presumed by law to be trafficking in drugs.
MalaysiaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalSimple possession will still remain an "arrestable offense" is for the police to be able to fight drug trafficking, and says that the possession of a minimal amount of drugs for personal consumption will effectively be decriminalized. First-time offenders will be handed fines of between €50 and €100 in the case of cannabis possession.
MaliIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalOn 21 August 2009 Mexico decriminalized "personal use" possession of up to five grams of Cannabis.
MaltaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalSimple drug use is not a crime in the Republic of Moldova, but it is an administrative offence according to Article 85 of the Administrative Offences Code passed in 2008.
MoldovaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalCannabis in Morocco has been illegal since the nation's independence in 1957, reaffirmed by a total ban on drugs in 1974, but is partially tolerated in the country, where it has been cultivated for centuries and is still among the world's top producers of hashish.
MyanmarIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalCannabis products are only sold openly in certain local "coffeeshops" and possession of up to 5 grams for personal use is decriminalized.
NamibiaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalCultivation, possession and sale of cannabis is illegal.
Netherlandspossession is decriminalized for up to 5 gramsdecriminalized for 'coffeeshops'IllegalIllegal
New ZealandIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegal
NicaraguaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalThere are conflicting reports on the legal status of cannabis in North Korea. Multiple reports from defectors and tourists claim there is no law regarding the possession of cannabis in North Korea or if there is, it is mostly unenforced.
NigerIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalA bill was passed to legalize marijuana. But the governor will only allow medical cannabis to be legal.
NigeriaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalUp to 15 grams is considered an amount for personal use, and is punished with a fine in the case of first-time offenders; possessing more is punished more harshly. Repeat offenders or dealers can face prison charges.
Northern Mariana IslandsIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalThe use of cannabis is prohibited in Pakistan, however the smoking of hashish in Peshawar and the northern parts of Pakistan tends to be tolerated. One may be sent to jail for up to six months if found with Charas in other parts of the country.
OmanIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalIn Paraguay, exempted from punishment those in possession of a maximum of 10 grams of marijuana for personal consumption.
PakistanIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalPossession is decriminalized Art. 299 of the Criminal Code. Possession of under 8 grams is considered personal use and it is not punished.
Papua New GuineaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalComprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002, makes provision for restricted medical use.
ParaguayIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalOn 26 May 2011, Poland introduced legislation that would give prosecutors the option to not prosecute for possession of small quantities of cannabis for personal use, if it is a first offence, or if the person is drug dependent.
PeruIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalPortugal became the first country in the world to decriminalize the use of all drugs, and started treating drug users as sick people, instead of criminals, although one can be arrested or assigned mandatory rehab if caught several times in possession. See Drug policy of Portugal.
PhilippinesIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalThe Governor of Puerto Rico signed a executive order to legalize cannabis for medicinal use only.
PortugalIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalRomania was a leader in hemp fiber, second only to China. Possession of small quantities of drug preparations is punishable by a large fine for first offenders, 6 months to 2 years in prison if the person has been convicted before.
Puerto RicoIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalCannabis seeds contain no controlled substances and are not regulated. Possession of quantities from 6 to 100 grams is a criminal offence with punishment ranging from fine to 2 years in prison.
RomaniaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalUse and possession for personal use of any kind of recreational drugs is punishable by imprisonment if caught. Imprisonment for personal use could go up to six months jail time or more.
RussiaIllegal , possession of quantities of up to 6 gramsIllegalIllegal , transport of quantities of up to 6 gramsIllegal , cultivation of up to 20 plants
RwandaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalPossession is punishable by a fine or by imprisonment of up to 3 years. Sale and transport are punishable by imprisonment from 3 to 12 years. Cultivation is punishable by imprisonment from 6 months to 5 years. Higher penalties for organized crime.
Saudi ArabiaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegal
SenegalIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalCannabis is a Class A drug under the Misuse of Drugs Act, making it illegal to cultivate, sell or possess. Those who are caught with 15g of cannabis or more, are presumed as drug traffickers, and are punished with mandatory death penalty.
SerbiaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalPossession or use of small amounts of Cannabis is punishable by up to eight years in prison.
Sierra LeoneIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalThere was a proposal of 2012 that would decriminalize medical cannabis, failed with not enough support. The petition for support for medical marijuana decriminalization for was re-proposed in 2013, succeeded in gaining enough public support for legal cannabis. Slovenian government instead re-classified cannabinoids from Class I to Class II illegal drugs, thus allowing medical use of cannabinoid drugs but not medical marijuana.
SlovakiaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegal since 1911. On 8.05.2016 3,000 people marched through the streets of Cape Town demanding legalization.
SloveniaIllegalIllegalIllegalCannabis cultivation is not illegal for cannabis growersPersonal use is prosecuted
SomaliaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalSale and importation of any quantity of cannabis is a criminal offence, punishable by jail time. The purchase, possession and consumption of cannabis in a public place constitutes a misdemeanour and punishable by a fine and confiscation of the product.
South AfricaillegalillegalillegalillegalCannabis is illegal in Sri Lanka though it is commonly used in Ayurvedic traditional medicines.
South Koreaillegalillegalillegalillegal
SpainLegalTechnically illegal, but Cannabis can be acquired in private smoker/cannabis clubs.IllegalLegal
Sri LankaIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegal
SudanIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalIt is illegal to sell, transfer, purchase, use or possess any quantity of cannabis in Sweden. Social stigmatisation through social rejection and exclusion from the labourmarket and social services are the most common sanctions in matters regarding personal use.
SurinameIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalCannabis is decriminalized for possession, sale or transport is Illegal but cultivation is legal in a private property only . However, usually only the minimum penalty is imposed for possession and personal use, even for larger amounts. The federal council has committed to implement changes as to decriminalization of personal use and possession already in 2001, and the parliament is currently tasked to tender concrete approaches.
SwazilandlegallegallegallegalUnder the policies of the government of Bashar al-Assad, many cannabis offences, from simple use to trafficking, reportedly often carried a sentence of life imprisonment.
SwedenIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalCannabis is a schedule 2 narcotic in the ROC, and possession can result in up to three years imprisonment.
ThailandillegalillegalillegalillegalUsing or possessing entails 1–5 years of imprisonment + 1000-3000 dinars . Selling, transporting or cultivating entails 6–25 years of imprisonment + 5000-100,000 dinars .
TogoIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalConsuming any drug is illegal and requires juridical process. Possessing, purchasing or receiving any illegal drug, including Cannabis, is punishable by 1–2 years in prison; there is also the option of treatment and/or probation for up to three years.
Trinidad and TobagoIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegal
TurkmenistanIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalEven the smallest amounts of the drug can lead to a mandatory four-year prison sentence.
United Arab EmiratesIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalJosé Mujica has fully legalized any use of Cannabis in Uruguay; law does not specify quantity for "personal amount".As of 10 December 2013, the House of Representatives and Senate passed a bill legalizing and regulating the production and sale of the drug.
United KingdomIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalOpiates, cannabis and other plants containing psychotropic substances are illegal.
United StatesIllegal at the federal levelIllegal at the federal levelIllegal at the federal levelIllegal at the federal levelAs of 15 September 2010 possession of up to 20 grams of Marijuana or 5 grams of genetically modified Marijuana, if proven not to be for medical or personal consumption, is punishable by 1 to 2 years in prison at judge's discretion.
UzbekistanIllegalIllegalIllegalIllegalThe governor of the U.S. Virgin Islands approved a bill that decriminalized possession of marijuana up to an ounce.
U.S. Virgin IslandsIllegal , possession of quantities of up to an ounceIllegalIllegalIllegal
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