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Countries that James Bond Visited in the Films

Countries that James Bond Visited in the Films
Country nameMovies
AfghanistanThe Living Daylights
Tomorrow Never Dies (Khyber pass)
AlbaniaFor Your Eyes Only (Kristatos's warehouse, where Locque is killed)
AustriaThe Living Daylights (Kara's eventual home, Saunders killed by Necros)
Quantum of Solace (After rescuing Camille from Medrano, Bond follows Greene to a performance of Tosca in Austria)
AzerbaijanThe World is Not Enough (Elektra King's manor; Zukovsky's casino)
Bahamas, TheThunderball (Largo's Palmyra estate)
BoliviaQuantum of Solace
BrazilMoonraker (Drax Industries: drop-off point; Manuela's station; Bond fights Jaws on Sugarloaf)
Moonraker (Drax Industries: secret Moonraker launching site)
CanadaThe Spy Who Loved Me (The spectacular opening ski jump, supposedly at 'Berngarten, Austria', was filmed on the 3,000-feet Asgard Peak, 50 miles from the town of Pangnirtung, Auquittuq National Park on the east coast of Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada
ChileQuantum of Solace (Cobija, Sierra Gorda, Paranal Observatory, Atacama Desert)
ChinaThe Man With the Golden Gun
Tomorrow Never Dies (Okinawa, in the South China Sea)
CroatiaFrom Russia With Love (Grant makes 'contact' with Bond, posing as Nash)
CubaGoldenEye (location of satellite dish to control second GoldenEye)
Die Another Day (Departure point for Isla Los Oraganos, encounter point with Jinx)
Czech RepublicCasino Royale (Bond kills Dryden)
EgyptThe Spy Who Loves Me (Bond's first encounter with Anya)
Diamonds Are Forever (Bond follows leads in his pursuit of Blofeld)
FranceThunderball (SPECTRE HQ)
Thunderball (Col. Jacques Bouvar's estate)
Diamonds Are Forever(shooting only)
Moonraker(shooting only)
A View to a Kill(Roger Moore and Grace Jones have a gun fight in the Eiffel Tower and a car chase in Paris)
GoldenEye (France-Monaco border)
GermanyTomorrow Never Dies (Headquarters of Elliot Carver's multimedia empire, home of Elliot & Paris Carver)
Octopussy (meeting point of Khan & Orlov, Octopussy circus tour point)
Octopussy (Checkpoint Charlie; 009 killed by Mischka & Grischka)
GibraltarThe Living Daylights (00 Agents partake in exercise)
GreeceFor Your Eyes Only (St. Cyril's Monastery)
For Your Eyes Only (Kristatos's home; where the Triana is anchored)
Haiti Quantum of Solace (Mr Slate is traced to Port au Prince, Haiti. The Haitian scenes were filmed in Colon, on the coast of Panama )
Hong KongYou Only Live Twice (Bond is 'assassinated')
The Man with the Golden Gun (Mary Goodnight's station, Bottom's Up Club)
IcelandA View to a Kill (The pre-credits Siberia,Russia teaser is actually Glacier Lake, on the southeast tip of the huge Vatnajökull Glacier and the tiny hamlet of Höfn on the southeast coast of Iceland.)
Die Another Day (Gustav Graves' ice palace)
IndiaOctopussy (Khamel Khan's base)
Octopussy (Water Palace: Octopussy's base)
ItalyFor Your Eyes Only (the Olympic Village)
Casino Royale (Vesper betrays Bond, delivering his winnings to Mr. White)
From Russia With Love (Grant and Kerim's bodies are discovered on the Orient Express -- Bond and Romanova get off the train just before)
From Russia With Love (SPECTRE HQ; Bond and Romanova arrive with the LECTRE)
The Spy Who Loved Me (Departure point for Atlantis)
Casino Royale (MI6 villa; Mr. White's mansion)
Moonraker (Drax Industries: glass-making & chemicals)
JamaicaDr. No
JapanYou Only Live Twice (docks where the Ning Po is anchored)
You Only Live Twice
You Only Live Twice (ninja training camp)
KazakhstanThe World Is Not Enough (Nuclear site worked by Renard & Christmas; section of King pipeline)
LebanonThe Man With the Golden Gun (Home of former 002 lover Saida)
MacauThe Man with the Golden Gun (Lazar's shop, casino where Bond meets Andrea Anders)
MadagascarCasino Royale (construction site and consulate chase)
MexicoDiamonds Are Forever (Blofeld's oil rig base)
MonacoGoldenEye (Ouramov & Xenia steal EuroCoptor Tiger)
MontenegroCasino Royale (location of the high-stakes poker game at Casino Royale)
MoroccoThe Living Daylights (Brad Whitaker's base, Bond 'assassinates' Pushkin)
NetherlandsDiamonds Are Forever (Bond, posing as Peter Franks, meets Tiffany Case)
Korea, NorthDie Another Day (Bond's infiltration point towards Colonel Moon's base)
PakistanTomorrow Never Dies (Terrorist market)
PanamaQuantum of Solace
PortugalOn Her Majesty's Secret Service (Bond & Tracy's courtship)
Puerto RicoGoldenEye (Arecibo Observatory, Arecibo)
RussiaA View to a Kill (The pre-credits Siberia,Russia teaser is actually Glacier Lake, on the southeast tip of the huge Vatnajökull Glacier and the tiny hamlet of Höfn on the southeast coast of Iceland.)
GoldenEye (headquarters of Janus Syndicate)
GoldenEye (Russian Space Weapons Control Center)
Quantum of Solace (Bond goes to Kazan, Russia, where he meets and confronts Vesper Lynd's former lover, Yusef Kabira)
SerbiaFrom Russia with Love (where Bond sends a message to M via one of Bey's many sons)
SlovakiaThe Living Daylights (Kara's home, starting point of Koskov's defection)
South AfricaDiamonds Are Forever (Dr. Tynan delivers the smuggled diamonds to Kidd and Wint)
SpainFor Your Eyes Only (Gonzalez's villa)
The World Is Not Enough (Bond receives bank transaction for Robert King)
SvalbardDie Another Day (Iceland car chase, second location, Svaldbard, Norway)
SwitzerlandGoldfinger (Bond follows Goldfinger to his metallurgical plant)
Goldfinger (Bond follows Goldfinger's car through the Alps)
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Blofeld's headquarters for 'allergy research')
On Her Majesty's Secret Service (Gumboldt's office)
ThailandThe Man With the Golden Gun (Hai Fat's headquarters)
Tomorrow Never Dies (Vietnamese headquarters of Elliot Carver & main base of Asian operations; Wai Lei's base of operations)
TurkeyFrom Russia With Love (Bond and Kerim help Romanova defect with the LECTRE).
The World Is Not Enough (Elektra & Renard's headquarters, M's holding point)
UgandaIn Casino Royale, the bit after the beginning where Steven Obanno and Le Chiffre discuss a deal
United KingdomMI6: Headquarter base of 00 Agents as headed by M.
The World Is Not Enough (Giulietta [Cigar Girl] commits suicide after a chase on the Thames River)
The World Is Not Enough (MI6 Headquarters)
For Your Eyes Only (cemetery where Teresa Bond is buried)
Die Another Day (Gustav Graves gets honorary knighthood; Bond faces Graves in fencing match)
Octopussy (First encounter with Khamel Khan & Magda at Fabrege auction)
Thunderball (Health Spa)
Goldfinger (Bond golfs with Goldfinger)
United StatesDiamonds Are Forever (Bond follows the smuggled diamonds to Willard Whyte's corporate empire)
Live and Let Die
Goldfinger (Goldfinger's stud farm)
Goldfinger (objective of Operation Grand Slam)
Moonraker (Drax Industries headquarters, [near city])
Diamonds Are Forever (Bond and Tiffany arrive in the US with the diamonds hidden in Franks's body)
Bond goes here in 'Live and Let Die' (See Website and Video)
Goldfinger (Fontainbleau Miami Beach: Bond watches Goldfinger and seduces Jill Masterson)
Casino Royale(no Miami, most of the film was shot in the Czech Republic)
VietnamTomorrow Never Dies (Vietnamese headquarters of Elliot Carver & main base of Asian operations; Wai Lei's base of operations)
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