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Degree of Coffee Roasting

Degree of Coffee Roasting
Roast namesRoasting temp °CRoasting temp °FRoast descriptions
Green Beans22 °C72 °FGreen coffee beans as they arrive at the dock. They can be stored for up to two years.
Drying Phase165 °C330 °FAs beans roast, they lose water and increase in size.
Cinnamon Roast195 °C383 °FThe lightest drinkable roast, immediately before first crack. Light brown, toasted grain flavors with sharp acidic tones.
New England Roast205 °C400 °FModerate light brown, still acidic but not bready, a traditional roast for Northeastern U.S. Coffee, at first crack.
American Roast210 °C410 °FMedium light brown, the traditional roast for the Eastern U.S. First crack ending.
City Roast220 °C428 °FMedium brown, the norm for most of the U.S., good for tasting the varietal character of a bean.
Full City Roast225 °C437 °FMedium dark brown with occasional oil sheen, good for varietal character and bittersweet flavors. At the beginning of second crack.
Vienna Roast230 °C446 °FModerate dark brown with light surface oil, more bittersweet, caramel-y flavor, acidity muted. In the middle of second crack. Occasionally used for espresso blends.
French Roast240 °C464 °FDark brown, shiny with oil, burnt undertones, acidity diminished. At the end of second crack. A popular roast for espresso blends.
Italian Roast245 °C473 °FVery dark brown and shiny, burnt tones become more distinct, acidity almost gone, thin body. The common roast for espresso blends.
Spanish or Turkish Roast250 °C482 °FExtremely dark brown, nearly black and very shiny, charcoal and tar tones dominate, flat, with thin body. Preferred roast for preparing Turkish coffee.
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