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The Vox Vacation Index

The Vox Vacation Index
CountryVox Vacation IndexToday’s exchange rateExchange rate one year agoInflation rate
Argentina18.70%14.27 ARS8.91 ARS35.00%
Russia16.30%64.70 RUB51.87 RUB7.27%
South Africa10.70%14.21 ZAR12.04 ZAR6.55%
Colombia10.60%2,852.04 COP2,387.35 COP7.98%
Mexico7.60%17.15 MXN15.53 MXN2.60%
New Zealand7.00%1.43 NZD1.33 NZD0.40%
Poland6.30%3.82 PLN3.63 PLN-1.06%
Thailand5.90%34.87 THB33.06 THB-0.46%
South Korea4.70%1,140.08 KRW1,078.24 KRW0.99%
Brazil4.10%3.44 BRL3.02 BRL9.39%
Switzerland3.70%0.96 CHF0.93 CHF-0.86%
Chile3.50%661.06 CLP611.74 CLP4.45%
United Kingdom2.90%0.68 GBP0.66 GBP0.50%
Norway2.50%8.04 NOK7.59 NOK3.31%
China2.30%6.48 CNY6.19 CNY2.30%
Costa Rica2.30%536.89 CRC530.43 CRC-1.09%
Canada1.90%1.25 CAD1.22 CAD1.27%
Australia1.50%1.31 AUD1.27 AUD1.30%
Lithuania1.50%3.01 LTL2.93 LTL1.15%
Vietnam1.20%22,277.83 VND21,595.00 VND1.89%
Dominican Republic0.40%45.68 DOP44.78 DOP1.59%
Hungary0.20%271.13 HUF271.12 HUF-0.22%
Greece-0.90%0.87 EUR0.89 EUR-1.50%
India-1.10%66.45 INR63.65 INR5.51%
Slovenia-1.60%0.87 EUR0.89 EUR-0.88%
Spain-1.60%0.87 EUR0.89 EUR-0.84%
Latvia-1.90%0.87 EUR0.89 EUR-0.57%
Slovak Republic-1.90%0.87 EUR0.89 EUR-0.55%
Ireland-2.10%0.87 EUR0.89 EUR-0.30%
Estonia-2.20%0.87 EUR0.89 EUR-0.26%
Italy-2.20%0.87 EUR0.89 EUR-0.21%
France-2.30%0.87 EUR0.89 EUR-0.15%
Finland-2.40%0.87 EUR0.89 EUR-0.04%
Luxembourg-2.50%0.87 EUR0.89 EUR0.05%
Denmark-2.70%6.49 DKK6.66 DKK0.00%
Germany-2.70%0.87 EUR0.89 EUR0.28%
Israel-2.80%3.74 ILS3.88 ILS-0.71%
Portugal-2.90%0.87 EUR0.89 EUR0.45%
Indonesia-3.00%13,142.67 IDR12,977.37 IDR4.45%
Netherlands-3.00%0.87 EUR0.89 EUR0.56%
Austria-3.10%0.87 EUR0.89 EUR0.72%
Czech Republic-3.70%23.58 CZK24.41 CZK0.32%
Turkey-3.80%2.79 TRY2.70 TRY7.46%
Saudi Arabia-4.20%3.75 SAR3.75 SAR4.30%
Belgium-4.40%0.87 EUR0.89 EUR2.04%
Sweden-5.40%8.00 SEK8.39 SEK0.80%
Iceland-6.90%122.12 ISK131.18 ISK0.03%
Japan-11.20%106.56 JPY120.10 JPY-0.10%
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