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Happiest,Richest, Healthiest and Safest Countries in the World

Happiest,Richest, Healthiest and Safest Countries in the World
1NorwayThe Scandinavian country tops the Prosperity Index . It has been first in each of the past seven years. Norway is the only country ranked in the top 10 of every subindex.
2SwitzerlandSwitzerland has been second in the Prosperity Index for three consecutive years. The Alpine nation ranks top of the governance sub-index and has the second-highest-rated economy.
3DenmarkDanes can enjoy great governance, top-level education, and a high social-capital score. If not for its relatively poor health score , the country might top the whole Index. It climbed one place.
4New ZealandStrong social cohesion and community engagement mean New Zealand has the best level of social capital on earth. It was rated the most prosperous non-European nation.
5SwedenSwedes are blessed with the world's highest levels of entrepreneurship and opportunity, helping the country gain one place in this index.
6CanadaAccording to the Prosperity Index, Canada is the true land of the free, as its citizens enjoy the highest levels of personal freedom of any nation surveyed. It fell one place from last year.
7AustraliaThe country has ranked seventh for three consecutive years, and this year the Prosperity Index rated it as having the world's best education system.
8NetherlandsGaining one place in this year's index, the Netherlands is ranked highly in education, health, and personal freedom.
9FinlandThe Finnish enjoy the fifth-best performance of governance in the world, but their relatively poor economy, ranked 33rd, has helped push the country down from eighth.
10IrelandIreland jumped two places in this index, thanks to finishing fourth in safety and security.
11United StatesThe world's most powerful country scored higher than any other in the Legatum Institute's health category, but its citizens are among the least safe and secure on this list.
12IcelandThe north Atlantic nation finished in the top five in three subindexes: personal freedom, safety and security, and entrepreneurship and opportunity. This wasn't enough to stop it from falling one place.
13LuxembourgCitizens enjoy high levels of personal freedom and health, as well as strong governance and a good economy, helping it rise from 16th in 2014.
14GermanyAccording to the Prosperity Index, Germany has the fifth-best economy in the world, helping it stay 14th for the fourth year running.
15United KingdomBritain fell two places this year, in part by finishing outside the top 20 in the education and safety indexes.
16AustriaFinishing inside the top 10 in two categories — health, and entrepreneurship and opportunity — wasn't enough to stop Austria from sliding one place .
17SingaporeSingapore swapped places with Belgium in this year's Index and was helped by finishing first in the economy subindex.
18BelgiumRanked inside the top 25 in every subindex, Belgium scored best on health . Despite that, it fell by one place in the Prosperity Index .
19JapanCitizens in Japan are the seventh-healthiest on earth, according to the Prosperity Index, but the country is 33rd in terms of personal freedom, lowering its overall ranking.
20Hong KongPeople in Hong Kong can enjoy being top of the pile when it comes to safety and security and in the top 10 for entrepreneurship and opportunity
21TaiwanThe island nation is just outside the top 20 after being given a big boost by a strong performance in safety and security, where it ranked sixth.
22FranceFrance has fallen one place in this year's ranking. Its health score was eighth overall, but a low social-capital score pushed it outside the top 20 for the third time .
23MaltaEven though Malta's education system ranked 42nd, strong scores in all other subindexes mean Malta kept the same position as last year in the Prosperity Index.
24SpainThe most popular holiday destination for Brits scored well across the board, but top scores for education and personal freedom pushed Spain into the top 25.
25SloveniaAs with the Czech Republic, education in Slovenia scored very highly. Finishing 58th out of 142 in the economy index, however, meant Slovenia fell one place.
26Czech RepublicThe nation in Central Europe has jumped three places this year. In the economy subindex it was rated very highly — 13th — but it performed badly in the index's social-capital ranking.
27PortugalPortugal may have had its economic troubles in recent years, but it is still very prosperous in the grand scheme of things. The southern European state ranked in the top 20 for both personal freedom, and safety and security.
28South KoreaOne of Asia's three true economic powerhouses, along with China and Japan, South Korea's position in the Prosperity Index is cemented thanks to finishing 17th in the economy sub-index.
29PolandPoland scored solidly across the board, but did best in the safety and security, and personal freedom categories. People living in Poland are the 26th safest, and 29th most free people on earth.
30United Arab EmiratesThe only Middle Eastern nation in the top 31 countries, the UAE was helped by finishing 21st in the economy sub-index. That's not too big a surprise given the vast wealth on show in cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi.
31EstoniaThe northern European nation is famous for being one of the world's most tech savvy places, and scored well in the entrepreneurship and opportunity sub-index as a result..
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