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The Most Hated Countries in the World - 2017

The Most Hated Countries in the World  - 2017
1RussiaConstantly in the news for overstepping country boundaries or showing signs of military activities in other countries, Russia is hated by many. Starting first with the surrounding countries of Russia, Ukraine and Russia have been intertwined in hatred and disdain as Russia feel that they should have full control over the independent country.
2IndiaIndia is a massive country with an incredible population of over 1 billion people. This is one of the reasons why they are hated so much. The incredible overpopulation causes terrible living conditions for many families in India. Our planet can only hold and provide for so long and overpopulation is causing that threshold to break faster and faster. With a massive population that shows no signs of stopping due to cultural reasons, India continues to put a strain on the world’s resources.
3North KoreaOver the past couple of years North Korea has constantly been in the news with their leader Kim Jong-Un repeatedly saying that North Korea is going to bomb X country or that the have X amount of nuclear warheads. North Korea is that country that tends to talk a lot of trash talk but can never back it up.Also, North Korea is constantly prodding at South Korea as they want to reunite the two countries under the rule of North Korea.
4ChinaWith the massive amounts of production and exporting China also plays a huge role in pollution with factories releasing harmful toxins into the environment. In addition to the mass production and exports that China is capable of, the country’s government is also extremely strict. Officially identified as communist, China has zero tolerance for any broken laws or defamation of China’s character.
5JapanDue to their advancements in technology, they have been making positive influences in throughout the world.Japan is hated by China and vice versa. Due to China and Japan’s jaded history, many chinese people hate the country of Japan. Since China’s population is so massive, the number of people who hate Japan from China is enough to put Japan on this list.
6Mexicoreason Mexico is on this list is due to some truths behind the various stereotypes that exist about the country. Starting first with the government, many people dislike Mexico because of its inability to maintain and enforce their laws properly. With a government that isn’t able to enforce laws and rules, that gives birth to the next issue with mexico; drug trade.
7Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia has recently come under fire in the public eye. You may have seen the hashtag #SueMeSaudi trending on Twitter and other forms of social media throughout the past week. Well recently a Saudi Arabian official had said, “The Justice ministry will sue the person who described… the sentencing of a man to death for apostasy as being ‘ISIS like’”. This caused the internet to do internet things like poking and prodding as people began to make comparisons between the terrorist group ISIS and Saudi Arabia thus sparking #SueMeSaudi
8BelgiumThe main reason that people hate or dislike Belgium is the fact that Belgium is a rather boring country.
9GermanyOne Word: Hitler....The horrific atrocities committed by Hitler and the Nazi Socialist Party during World War II are still fresh in the minds of many people and countries especially those who are either Jewish or had a family member who died or barely survived a concentration camp.
10United States of AmericaThe US has freedom of speech, the right to choose your own religion, the ability to be married to a same sex partner, many other countries do not have these luxuries that many US citizens take for granted. These freedoms that seem to be flaunted in the face of other countries leads to hatred of the US by various terrorist organizations and countries.
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