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Most Expensive Coins in the World

Most Expensive Coins in the World
PriceYearTypeIssuing countryProvenanceFirmDate of sale
$10,016,8751794Flowing Hair DollarUnited StatesGreen, Contursi, CardinalStack’s Bowers GalleriesJan-13
$7,590,02019331933 Saint-Gaudens Double EagleUnited StatesFaroukSotheby's/Stack'sJul-02
$7,400,0001787Brasher Doubloon - EB on BreastPrivately mintedN/ABlanchard and Co.Dec-11
$6,029,4001723Umayyad Gold DinarUmayyad CaliphateN/AMorten & EdenApr-11
$5,000,0001804$10 Proof EagleUnited StatesWoodin, Newcomer, and Col. GreenAlbanese Rare CoinsOct-07
$4,993,7501794Flowing Hair DollarUnited StatesLord St. Oswald, Hayes, PogueSotheby's/Stack'sSep-15
$4,582,5001787Brasher Doubloon - EB on WingPrivately mintedNewlin, Davis, PerschkeHeritage AuctionsJan-14
$4,140,0001804Bust Dollar - Class IUnited StatesChildsBowers & MerenaAug-99
20 million ZAR (About $4,000,000)1898Single 9 PondSouth AfricaFaroukSouth Cape CoinsMay-10
$3,877,5001804Bust Dollar - Class IUnited StatesMickley, Hawn, QuellerHeritage AuctionsAug-13
$3,737,5001913Liberty Head NickelUnited StatesOlsen, FaroukHeritage AuctionsJan-10
$3,172,5001913Liberty Head NickelUnited StatesGeorge O. WaltonHeritage AuctionsApr-13
$2,990,0001907Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle - Ultra High ReliefUnited StatesTrompeterHeritage AuctionsNov-05
$2,990,0001787Brasher Doubloon - EB Punch on BreastPrivately mintedN/AHeritage AuctionsJan-05
$2,585,0001792Birch CentUnited StatesN/AHeritage AuctionsJan-15
$2,300,0001804Bust Dollar - Class IIIUnited StatesAdams, CarterHeritage AuctionsApr-09
$2,185,0001907Eagle - Rolled EdgeUnited StatesN/AHeritage AuctionsJan-11
$1,997,5001894-Barber DimeUnited StatesClapp, Eliasberg, RichmondHeritage AuctionsJan-16
$1,298,0001992Gold 2000 YuanChinaN/AChampion Auctions Hong KongAug-11
$680,00013434Edward III FlorinKingdom of EnglandN/ASpinkJun-06
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