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Global Poker Index - 2016

Global Poker Index - 2016
PoY 2016 TOP 50 RankPlayerCountryScore
1Fedor HolzGermany3,389.32 pts
2Paul "The Main Event" VolpeUnited States3,095.05 pts
3Adrian MateosSpain3,034.62 pts
4Chance KornuthUnited States3,016.86 pts
5Jason MercierUnited States2,812.00 pts
6Dominik NitscheGermany2,799.02 pts
7David PetersUnited States2,761.45 pts
8Ivan LucaArgentina2,722.47 pts
9Dietrich FastGermany2,622.28 pts
10Bryn KenneyUnited States2,606.87 pts
11Anthony GreggUnited States2,605.30 pts
12Bryan PiccioliUnited States2,597.58 pts
13Alexander RochaUnited States2,587.76 pts
14Jason WheelerUnited States2,572.72 pts
15Justin "ZeeJustin" BonomoUnited States2,563.60 pts
16Alexander LynskeyAustralia2,555.73 pts
17Samuel PanzicaUnited States2,550.22 pts
18Stephen ChidwickUnited Kingdom2,508.69 pts
19James ObstAustralia2,490.20 pts
20Brian YoonUnited States2,484.06 pts
21Joseph McKeehenUnited States2,475.12 pts
22Rainer KempeGermany2,452.39 pts
23Anthony ZinnoUnited States2,450.90 pts
24Igor KurganovRussia2,441.19 pts
25Alan Ari "Ari" EngelCanada2,426.67 pts
26Craig VarnellUnited States2,369.33 pts
27Steve O'DwyerUnited States2,350.98 pts
28Pierre "The SerialPokerstarsQualifier" NeuvilleBelgium2,328.76 pts
29Max SilverUnited States2,327.02 pts
30Mark HermUnited States2,326.32 pts
31Aaron MermelsteinUnited States2,256.88 pts
32Ankush MandaviaUnited States2,239.88 pts
33Brian AltmanUnited States2,233.62 pts
34Niall "Firaldo" FarrellUnited Kingdom2,222.45 pts
35Mike "GoLeafsGoEh" LeahCanada2,220.91 pts
36Andjelko AndrejevicUnited States2,194.38 pts
37Erik SeidelUnited States2,184.07 pts
38Jonathan "PearlJammed" TurnerUnited States2,179.04 pts
39Jack SalterUnited Kingdom2,161.47 pts
40William FoxenUnited States2,158.33 pts
41Andrew SpearsUnited States2,151.36 pts
42Jordan CristosUnited States2,149.82 pts
43Joe KuetherUnited States2,140.92 pts
44Jackduyph DuongUnited States2,119.23 pts
45Ismael BojangGermany2,116.95 pts
46Joao VieiraPortugal2,112.89 pts
47Connor DrinanUnited States2,106.05 pts
48Antoine SaoutFrance2,100.46 pts
49Benjamin ZamaniUnited States2,094.44 pts
50Nick PetrangeloUnited States2,084.03 pts
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