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Employment Rate by Country

Employment Rate by Country
RankCountryEmployment rateSource / date of information
1Iceland82.22014 OECD
2Switzerland79.82014 OECD
3Norway75.32014 OECD
4Sweden74.82014 OECD
5United Kingdom74.52016 ONS
6New Zealand74.22014 OECD
7Germany73.82014 OECD
8Netherlands73.12014 OECD
9Denmark72.82014 OECD
10Japan72.82014 OECD
11Canada72.32014 OECD
12Australia71.62014 OECD
13Austria71.12014 OECD
14Estonia (repeated)69.62014 OECD
15Russia69.32014 OECD
16Czech Republic692014 OECD
17Finland68.92014 OECD
18United States68.12014 OECD
19Israel67.92014 OECD
20Colombia67.12014 OECD
21Brazil66.72013 OECD
22Luxembourg66.62014 OECD
23Latvia66.32014 OECD
24South Korea65.92015 Statistics Korea
25OECD Average65.82014 OECD
26Lithuania65.72014 OECD
27France64.22014 OECD
28Slovenia63.92014 OECD
29Portugal62.62014 OECD
30Chile62.22014 OECD
31Belgium61.92014 OECD
32Hungary61.82014 OECD
33India61.72014 OECD
34Poland61.72014 OECD
35Costa Rica61.72014 OECD
36Ireland61.32014 OECD
37Slovakia612014 OECD
38Mexico60.42014 OECD
39Albania56.22016 (Q3)
40Spain56.82014 OECD
41Italy56.52014 OECD
42Turkey49.52014 OECD
43Serbia45.92014 OECD
44Bosnia and Herzegovina41.32016 BHAS
45Kosovo29.22016 (Q3)
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